Pioneer High School Drama
"12 Angry Men"

A classic dramatic play that’s as relevant today as in its debut.  A guilty verdict seems certain in this homicide trial - except for the one juror hold out who forces examination into whether each vote cast is beyond reasonable doubt.  If you want a thought-provoking, conversation-stirring piece of theater, then join Pioneer High School’s staging of this well-known Henry Fonda film.  Increasing its relativity, 2 casts - either all men, or all women - tackle this high-stakes drama. 

Cast of Men:  Omkar Bhattacharya, Grant Brooks, Aiden Cutright, Ian Do, Alexander Higdon, Travis Hill, Devin Ippolito, Jacob MacDowall, Jacob Mathews, Maxwell Moiseff, Josh Radzinski, Colin Smith, Dakota Tyson