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Neil Simon's "Rumors" - BMW Cast

Join the BMW Cast for a night of laughs as actors from Pioneer High School’s Advanced Drama stage “Rumors”, a Neil Simon play.  Imagine four well-to-do couples engaged for the evening to celebrate their hosts’ 10th anniversary.  Yet things are completely amiss upon arrival as the husband has “accidentally” shot himself in the ear, and his wife is nowhere to be found.  Coverup and miscommunication rule from then on, engaging us all in this farcical comedy.

Rumor has it Pioneer is doing the show with 2 casts:

BMW Cast (Wednesday and Friday performances) - Renee Boissier, Travis Hill, Megan Hunt, Jack Johnson, Karen Johnson, Annalise Martelino, Maxwel Moiseff, Jeffery Plaza, Josh Radzinski, Jessica Ventura